Friday, 19 October 2012

Amsterdam, Venice of the North

Windmills and canal boats are synonymous with the Netherlands and have been part of Amsterdam’s landscape since the 14th century. Back in the Golden Age, during the 17th century, city officials decided to build a series of three concentric semi-circular canals around the old city center.  Eventually, hundreds of narrow streets and smaller canals fanned out from the old center. As the city became   Although there are thousands of canal boats in the country, Amsterdam has approximately 2500 houseboats.  A houseboat can consist of one or more stories or it can be an old converted freighter. Each boat usually has everything a normal house has; a living room, bedroom(s), kitchen, toilet, bathroom and often a small outdoor space or terrace.
Living on a houseboat is becoming fashionable and tourists often prefer to rent a houseboat since they are larger than a hotel room.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Amsterdam Bike Parking

I just returned from a great holiday in the Netherlands. Yes, that lovely, little Lowland commonly known as Holland.
This is a typical 'gracht' (canal) in Amsterdam. Residents often park their bikes on the bridges over the canals because bikes will be taken away when they are parked in front of stores or home windows. People in this lovely country ride inexpensive or old bikes in the city in case they get stolen and many do get stolen everyday.
Bikes also get tagged by the bike police and if the bikes are left untouched for a few weeks, the bikes get taken away. 
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